“Thank you so much for finally fixing my neck. I had neck pain for years and years and had all but given up hope. I’m so glad I called you.” —Tina, executive assistant   

​“You guys should be called ‘No More Pain’ because that’s what happens after your treatment! Thanks for all your help. I feel like a million bucks!” —Orlando, attorney  

​“How do I praise thee? I’m not sure I can even count the ways. Suffice to say that I’ve been out playing golf every weekend, and I’m even running. Thanks!” —Lizette 

More than a Massage Therapist
I came for a back pain. Yesenia did wonders to unlock the tension by triggering pressure points.
T. De Buchet

Highest quality service
My massage therapist at Wellness Theraputics totally eliminated debilitating pain frim my neck after a pain specialist had no success. I rely on a weekly massage to keep me pain free.
E. Fernandez

Always professional, caring and thoughtful!
Have been coming here for years and love the massages, exercise suggestions and overall professional care. Now from out of town, this is our first stop when visiting Miami!!!😍

Susan Y


Amazing therapy! Excellent....
I have been seeing Yessenia for over five years.... after two back surgeries she is the reason I am still as active as I am.... she continues to amaze me how she always manages to relieve my pain anywhere on my body. She has a wonderful bedside manner...I would recommend her to everyone.

J. White

High Quality - Very knowledgeble
The treatment at Wellness Therapeutic Center is excellent. All the staff is very knowledgeable and attentive. They are concerned about whatever issues you are having. I would recommend them to all.

Y. Fernandez


Beyond all expectations!
Not only is Yessenia the very best massage/physical therapist I have ever been to, it is always a pleasure to visit this office. She addresses all of your issues in very direct and specific ways. Her knowledge is incredibly extensive. Don't know what I would do without this place!!

Cindy G.

Expertise beyond any other
From the moment I entered Wellness Center it was clear this is a superb professional center. Yesenia understands body mechanics, patient concerns, listened and undestood how to help me. i have never, ever experienced better care.

Philip Leitman


therapeutic massage/trigger point/deep myo fascial body work

Yessenia is an extraordinary body worker. She is extremely well trained and has extensive practice in medical/clinical/therapeutic settings, but is also a naturally gifted and deeply intuitive healer. Her hands seem like they belong on a man three times her size and I always leave there much better then I came in. I get a lot of body work and I can easily say that nobody matches Yessenia in skill, technique and effectiveness. She is worth the wait in getting an appointment! And she has some other body workers that she personally trains so if you can't get the time slot you want with her, try her staff as they are usually quite terrific as well.

Christy McKenzie

Excellent place to relieve stress and eliminate all aches and pains!

My husband and I have been going to Wellness Therapeutic Center now for 3 years and can't say enough good things about it. Whether your issue or injury is sports related or you just simply want an hour of relaxation, this place is for you. Ronnie and Yesenia are a husband and wife team that get the job done and make sure you leave feeling better than when you first walked through the door. Excellent choice for therapy!

Liz Fitzpatrick

My first-ever review

I have never before written any sort of review like this, but they are extraordinary and deserve to be praised. I've been with them since they opened. It has improved my overall health significantly. They are incredibly knowledgeable about how to repair and maintain your body. My regular appointments are a critical part of how I maintain a high quality of life.

Doug Emery


Yesenia is a great profesional

Yesenia has a deep knowledge about human body mechanism. Not only does she anderstand and diagnose preciaselly what you are going through but she fixs the tension, unalignment, the mechanic dysfunction with eficiency and profesionalism. I completly trust her expertise and therapy.

Beatrice de Buchet


Excellent Service

WTC provides an amazing therapeutic massage in a peaceful, calm and clean environment! A must for anyone suffering from any kind aches or pains.

Jen D


Highly recommend, they're great

I've been getting regular massages at Wellness for a few years, and it changed my life. I'm an age 50+ male who began with weekly sessions to treat old knee and back injuries, and now go every 2 or 3 weeks for relaxation and to keep pain-free. Bonus - their office in South Miami is easy to get to, and provides plenty of free parking. Treat your mind and body well and go.

Steve B.


Tune Up!

I have been going to Yessie for almost 9 years. I go to her for a tune up at least once a month. She is a magician......I initially went to her for a specific injury and now I go for maintenance. Her session is therapy for my mind, body, and soul.

Tam Clavero

High Quality, Individualized Therapy, Comfortable Setting

I have been a patient of the Wellness Center for many years now. Over the years I have had many injuries and health issues. Yesenia has been able to speed up the healing process with her astounding knowledge of the anatomy of our bodies and what does and doesn't work for each injury and each individual.I can not say enough positive things about the care I have received. Aside from her ability to help your body, she is also able to help you mentally disconnect from the outside world and focus your self on your healing process. I continue to see her during well times as I believe she keeps my body in a healthy tip top shape.

Douglas P.



Yesenia is an excellent therapist. She is very knowledgeable and experienced. I highly recommend her as manual physical therapist.

Jim Holway

All I have to say, Yessenia knows her business! Because of her I can walk today with a smile on my face!

Lisette Ross

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Massage dilates blood vessels, improves the circulation and relieves congestion throughout the body. 

Massage acts as a cleaner, stimulating lymph circulation and eliminates waste and toxic debris. 

​Massage relaxes muscle spasm and relieves tension by releasing endorphins, the body's natural pain killer. 

Massage increases blood supply and nutrition to muscles. 

Massage increases muscle tone. 

Massage stretches connective tissue, improves it's circulation and nutrition. 

Massage can incorporate range of motion techniques. 

Massage improves the circulation and nutrition of joints, it helps lessen inflammation and alleviates pain. 

Massage provides an environment of self appreciation and nurturing. 

Massage enhances positive self image. 

Massage allows focus on awareness and expansion and breath. 

​Massage provides an opportunity to learn how to relax your mind as well as your body.             


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